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Top things to do in Waikiki Beach Resort


The Hawaiian Islands have always been a favorite tourist destination for many years, and among the best resorts you should tour on the islands are the Waikiki beaches. Waikiki is arguably the most popular beach resort globally, blessed with South Sea magic. The beaches are the heart of Honolulu and Hawaii at large and they are the favorite choice for visitors in Hawaii. Here, you can find some of the state’s most astounding hotels and restaurants, the majority of which are located on Kalakaua Avenue, which runs parallel to the beach. Waikiki is a perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the best that Hawaii has to offer, with the gifts ranging from restaurants, shopping spaces, entertainment joints, and a hoard of other experiences that will make you want to stay on holiday forever.

And did you know that the beaches were a popular resort even before today’s tourists discovered Hawaii? Yes, Waikiki beach has been a favorite bathing spot for Hawaiians and an entertainment spot for royal guests. Read along this article to learn more about the popular attractions in Waikiki and the fun things you can do at the exquisite beaches.

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1. Waikiki Beaches

Waikiki’s sandy beaches are by far the most popular attractions in Waikiki. Waikiki is blessed with several beaches that overlap one another, and unless you are a local or a keen geographer, it may be quite difficult to distinguish them. The beaches are ideal for swimming and other sports, and they attract large numbers of tourists all year long.

The line of beaches starts from the west with the famous Kahanamoku beach, which was named after the famous Olympic swimmer. The Kahanamoku beach is located just next to the Hilton Hawaii village, and it begins a line of beautiful beaches that extend all the way east to the Sans Souci beach at Diamond Head. Next to the Kahanamoku beach is Gray’s beach, with a narrow channel separating the two. Besides these, there are also the Royal Hawaiian Beach, the Kuhio Beach Park, and the Kapiolani Beach.

2. Kapiolani Park and Queen Kapiolani Garden

The beautiful Kapiolani Park is the oldest in Hawaii, as well as the most loved one. It was donated to the city by King Kalakaua and is named after his wife. The park has many family attractions, including the Waikiki Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium. However, the favorite spot, especially for adults, is the Queen Kapiolani Gardens. Here you will find a beautiful assortment of flowers and rare Hawaiian species that make for excellent photos.

Tourists flock the park daily to enjoy the recreational activities offered, including tennis courts, jogging paths, and picnic sites. This is a perfect site to spend time with your loved one as you enjoy the fresh air and engage in numerous fun activities.

3. Waikiki Aquarium

The Waikiki Aquarium is a perfect destination for learners and maritime lovers. The aquarium is an educational center showcasing Hawaii’s unique sea life. You will enjoy watching the various sea creatures and learning about their various habitats and living environments. The aquarium also exhibits several coral reefs, and your kids will enjoy watching the beautiful clownfishes and learning of their relationship with sea anemones. You will also get to watch sharks up-close and the two endangered species of monk seals, alongside other marine species unique to Hawaii alone.

4. Diamond Head Crater

The Diamond Head Crater is an extinct volcano located east of Waikiki, and it is a major symbol of the city. The Hawaiian name for the crater is Lea’hi and it can be viewed perfectly from the Diamond Head State Monument. You can follow the historic hiking trail to reach the bottom of the crater to have a different and exciting view of Waikiki.

5. Honolulu Zoo

Another major highlight of Waikiki is its 42-acre zoo that is home to hundreds of animals, birds, and reptiles, as well as a wide variety of tropical plants. The zoo is a favorite destination for Biologists and animal lovers; therefore, if you fall into this category, your trip to Waikiki will be an exciting one. Some of the native Hawaiian animals you will get to see are tigers, elephants, monkeys, and komodo dragons. The zoo also features a kids’ zoo, so this will be a nice place to visit with your kids.

Waikiki is a favorite destination for tourists worldwide and one of the favorite places to visit while in Hawaii. There are several recreational activities that you and your family can take part in and exciting sites that are unique to this part of the world. If you are thinking of a perfect getaway to enjoy nature and create awesome memories with your family and loved ones, Waikiki is a perfect holiday destination to consider.

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