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Plan a Trip to Winnipeg for a Memorable Holiday Experience

Winnipeg is one of the major cities in Canada, and thanks to its recent addition of the Canadian museum for human rights, it has become a top travel destination, attracting tourists from all over the world. Formerly, the city was internationally recognized for being the home of Winnipeg jets, a successful NHL team. It is now topping lists for favorite tourist destinations as people seek to explore the city’s many sites and interesting culture of its residents.

The city is located equidistant from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and it is the very heart of Canada. This is also where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet, and where another of the city’s major attraction site, The Forks, is situated. Since Canada is known for its extreme climates with hot summers and cold winters, the activities to do in Winnipeg city largely depend on the season. If you are interested in visiting the city, below is our list of the favorite destinations that you should check out to enhance your holiday experience.

1. The Forks

The Forks is situated where two major Canadian rivers meet; the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. It is a shopping complex that holds a lot of historical value to Winnipeg and also a favorite destination for tourists looking for a fun holiday experience. The site was once a railway repair facility, but over the years it has been transformed into a major shopping complex with many of its buildings now housing restaurants, museums, and various shops.

The Forks Market is the most popular part of the building where you’ll find locals selling tasty means and indigenous fruits and vegetables. The building also gives you an amazing view of the city and rivers from the lookout tower. Another quite popular building at The Forks is the historic Johnson Terminal Building that also houses several shops.

2. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The launching of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has been a great contribution to the opening up of Winnipeg City to the world. The museum is a cultural scene and it attracts a hoard of tourists from all over the world due to its spectacular design as well as the significance it holds. The entrance of the museum is on the ground floor, and you ascend over six stories as you view the various galleries on exhibition.

3. The Manitoba Museum

The Manitoba Museum is another site to behold if you are interested in learning some bit of Winnipeg history. There are nine galleries to visit, and by the time you are through with your tour, you will have gathered a lot of knowledge on what Winnipeg has to offer. Some interesting highlights of the museum are a 95-million-year-old Pliosaur fossil, a recreation of the northern lights, as well as another recreation of Hudson Bay fur trading post.

4. Assiniboine Park and Zoo

Nature and animal lovers will also delight in visiting the Assiniboine Park and Zoo. The park is Winnipeg’s oldest, and it covers a 445 hectares stretch of grassy lawns, mature trees, and an English garden. The zoo is home to polar bears and other exotic animal species such as the Siberian tiger and red kangaroo. Many of the animals here are unique to Canada alone and you will enjoy capturing them in their natural habitat.

5. Festival Du Voyageur

If you are looking for some extra fun and cultural experience during your trip, you should consider visiting in winter. This is when you will get to see and participate in Winnipeg’s most popular festival, the Festival Du voyager. The event is held in February, and it celebrates French voyageurs’ traditions. You will get to participate in outdoor entertainment activities as you interact with locals and fellow tourists. There are also numerous kids’ activities and games, so you can bring your entire family for a more exciting experience.

Canada has lots of interesting cities to visit, and Winnipeg is one such destination. Whether you are thinking of a solo trip to enjoy new lands and meet new people, or are looking to create a memorable experience for your family, Winnipeg is a perfect holiday destination for you. There are various activities that you can all participate in, depending on the season, and you can be sure that the trip will be worthwhile.

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