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Holiday Trip to London

Whether planning for a solo vacation trip, family friends, or children’s holiday trip, London city, with its beauty, is one of the best places in Europe to consider. It attracts millions of people across the world who come to sightsee its natural beauty. London is known to be the center of trade, education, fashion as well as the political influence. London city does better than any other city around the globe in terms of fashion and food, trade, art, and architecture. If you are planning to visit London, be sure to explore more of its beauty and take pictures for future memories. 

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Explore more about London,

Apart from it being the center of trade, education, food and fashion, art as well as architecture, London has the beauty of the natural attractions you can’t just wish to miss. These natural attractions sites include; Kensington Gardens, The Regent’s park as well as Hyde Park. If you a purposing to go for a long vacation and probably not interested in touring local popular places, consider visiting these places and for sure you will get rid of the holiday monotony.

Kensington Gardens Visit Experience

Kensington Gardens in London is famously known for its cultural landmarks and its beautiful scenery. Inside this garden, you get to interact with different races of people who have come to explore the wonderful attractions which have more to know about the cultural history of the area. In the Kensington gardens, you find Serpentine Summer Pavilion, which is an architectural artwork by Diebedo Francis Kere and is said to be one of the latest installments, and it’s very unique. At the north side of this Garden, there is beautiful greenery which was set up in the 1960s known as Italian Gardens. This is a very quiet place which provides visitors and locals with an escape from the busy town. Elfin Oak Sculpture found is also one of the popular attractions in Kensington garden and was designed by Ivor in 1930. Along with this quirky monument there Princess Diana Playground which mostly attracts children and parents alike.

Visit Regent’s Park

This is one of the popular in London city bodies and which was opened in 1838 and contains over 400 types of roses and numerous other plants. These plants and roses make it a beautiful place for a visit with children, family friends or even a solo trip. Sporting activities also take place in Regent’s park. A picture in this place will be irresistible.

Hyde Park Experience

Hyde Park covers an area of about 350 acres of greenery and water bodies, and it’s well-known for cultural shows and sporting activities which are hosted here. This park was formerly is its well-known preserve before was opened to the early public 17thcentury.  On the western side, it shares a large curved lake with Kensington Garden. The portion on the Hyde Park side is known as the Serpentine. This lake is useful during summer for boating and in winter its used for skating activities. 

London city is a beautiful place and worthy of a visit because of its natural beauty. Various parks in London offer a beautiful scene for photo taking, skaters during winter have a place to pass the time and also children have a playing ground to keep them busy. Those that love culture too are not left behind as well because London has parks which are cultural landmarks and art where different people from different walks meet. You should consider London as a place a nice holiday visit with both children and family friends.

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