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Enjoy a Wonderful Holiday Getaway at Zion National Park

Have you thought of visiting Zion National Park in Utah? Well, it is high time you did. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a solo trip to let your mind wander and observe the beautiful scenery, or planning a holiday trip for your family. If you are looking for a fun-filled experience, then Zion National Park will be an excellent choice. The park offers a myriad of amazing features ranging from the splendid Zion Canyon to wonderful drives along scenic grounds. Adventure junkies and travel enthusiasts will have a memorable experience touring this majestic park. Below are some of the best things that you can do at the park to get the most of your holiday experience. Be sure to add them to your to-do list if you happen to visit the park.

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The Narrows

Just like the name suggests, this is the slimmest section of the Zion Canyon. To get to the site, follow the riverside walk for about a mile as you enjoy the beautiful view of the narrows. A powerful camera will make it possible for you to capture the awesome views of the orange-red canyon. The terrain is pretty tough and it is near impossible to walk barefoot. You will need some good shoes with strong soles on your hike. Sometimes you may have to wade across water or even swim as the footpath turns into the Virgin River. It is, therefore, important to seal any valuables in a watertight bag. 

Zion Canyon Visitor Center

This is the first stop for the majority of visitors to Zion Park. Here you will find books and a variety of useful publications to give you more knowledge about the site’s features. You will also get to see a model of the entire park and get valuable items for your hike such as maps. The visitor’s center is also a green building with solar panels, outdoor shade structures, and several other eco-friendly features. Some visitors begin their tour here as they learn more about the eco-friendly environment.

Zion Canyon Scenic drive

If you’d rather tour the park from the comfort of your car rather than hike the trails, then the 57-mile Zion canyon Scenic drive will be a wonderful experience for you. The drive will reward you with wonderful sights of the popular park’s features as well as wild animals such as the bighorn sheep. Tourists are however advised to avoid the drive during rainy weather as it may be a bit difficult to maneuver.

 Canyon Overlook Trail

The Canyon overlook is the easiest and most frequented trail of the Zion National Park. A 1-mile trip takes you to 100 feet from the parking lot to a vantage point that provides an expansive view of the Zion Canyon. This route is however very busy and you’d better begin your hike early to save yourself valuable spots.

Observation Point

A hike to the observation point will take you along an 8-mile trail, seeing you ascend a solid 200 feet. The trip is therefore, not for the faint-hearted. You’ll find yourself at an elevation of 6,521 feet above Mount Baldy and from there you will have a bird’s-eye view of the entire park’s attraction sites. The hike will take you about 4-6 hours so be well prepared for a long hike. You could consider carrying packed lunch to revitalize your body along the hike. 

The Zion National Park is an excellent tourist destination for travelers looking for an amazing hiking experience. The park boasts of the majestic Zion Canyon and picturesque scenery that will make your trip a memorable experience. Whether you plan a solo trip or a team experience with your friends, this is a destination that will provide you with the desired travel adrenaline.

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